Lavender Sea Luxury Soy Candle


A refreshing and homely scent of lavender and Dead Sea salt, make this distinctive Lavender Sea luxury soy candle, a candle that will be enjoyed by both lavender and non-lavender fans! It contains a mix of essential, and nature identical, oils. There is bergamot, clary sage and mint leaf; lily, lavender, and patchouli; and finally, musky moss, vetivert and cedarwood. Our customers are always surprised and delighted by the scent. Give it a try!



The refreshing and homely scent of lavender and Dead Sea salts infuse this lovely luxury Lavender Sea soy candle with a distinctive and memorable aroma.聽 Combining a delicious mix of bergamot, clary sage and mint leaf, lily, lavender and patchouli, and finally musky moss, vetivert and cedarwood essential and nature identical oils.聽 Why not give it a try?

Hand made and poured in small batches in Wales. All our candles are made from sustainable soy wax. Please re-use the container, or return it to us for a refill!

Please read our Candle Care page.

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